Service on all levels
MCL helps feed producers throughout Europe with the storage, transshipment and distribution of additives and raw materials for animal feed and supplements. From citric acid to lysine and other amino acids: we unload your incoming products, store them and deliver them in the required quantity whenever you need them. Repackaging products from small packages to bulk or vice versa is also among the possibilities, as is sieving or filtering of products. And if you prefer storing your additives in silos or tanks, we will make it happen!

Quality and safety
Our modern warehouse and our distribution center meet all the requirements in terms of safety for animal feed. Among other standards, MCL complies with the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) that will guarantee the quality of products in our storage and ensures that we follow precisely recorded and controlled procedures when processing your additives. And with our online web portal you always have full control over your stock.

Curious about the possibilities at MCL? Feel free to contact us!

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