Focus on sustainability
Organic products are playing an increasingly important role in our society and at MCL we endorse sustainability. In order to be allowed to store and process organic raw materials, our warehouse meets strict requirements. MCL is Skal certified, which means that we can store and transport your organic products safely and without risk of contamination. This way, you can be sure that your organic raw materials and additives are in save hands.

Everything under control
MCL is specialized in handling organic raw materials for producers in the bio-industry. From our warehouse in Moerdijk we supply products to companies across Europe. Our useful web portal gives you a 24/7 insight in your stock and makes it easy to request a delivery. We also provide value added services such as repackaging and bulk packaging, all compliant with the Skal standards. This makes MCL your ideal partner in sustainability!

Want to know more about our possibilities regarding organic raw materials? We are happy to inform you!

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