At MCL, service is key. And that’s why we have more to offer than just warehousing and transport. In our distribution center we have all the means to be able to supply your additives in any required form. Our professional team is experienced and expert and always works according to the guidelines and regulations that are standard in the food, feed, organic and pharma industries.

Packed according to your wishes
Whether your raw materials were delivered to our warehouse in bulk or in smaller packages, MCL will store and distribute them in any way and any form you want. IBC, bags, tanks, drums, bulk, cans, flexi-bags, barrels or big bags: we carefully package and re-package your additives. For this, we have separate facilities with air handling systems for the processing of food and feed products, which are cleaned according to strict fixed procedures.

Liquids and (re-)heating
MCL can also process liquids such as fats or lysine. We will unload your liquid ingredients and additives directly from the ship and store them in tanks with a capacity of 30 to 2000 tons, all according to GMP guidelines. Do your raw materials require a regulated temperature? We have terminals and tanks with temperature control to guarantee the right temperature under all circumstances.

In control
At MCL we make sure that you’re in control over your stock and transport. Our online web portal gives you insight in your stocked ingredients and additives where and whenever you want, and makes it easy to request a delivery. Big bags and other bags are put on pallets to make transport easier and are, if required, labelled with a SSCC (serial shipping container code) for track and trace. You can also rely on us for handling all customs formalities. We have our own customs license and can store both duty-free goods and customs goods in our warehouse. This way, you only need to focus on your production process.

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